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Nancy Cole Women's Home
Project Restoration Update

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A Visit to Your Church or Group?

We are available to come to your church or group to update you on the many new challenges and developments at the Nancy Cole Women's Home in Lima, Peru.  Faced with new government requirements and regulations, a declining support base in the U.S. due to the economy, and the many needs of the increasing number of hurting young women in Peru, this ministry is crucial.  Please contact us for scheduling information.   

New Organizational Structure

The Christian Association of Nancy Cole Home in Lima, Peru is now official.  The organizational meeting of the two oversight groups - the Board of Directors and the General Assembly - was held last week.  The paperwork for an official license has been posted.  New accounts with tax-exempt status have been opened in Peru and the U.S.  Monthly support is needed for this important ministry to the young women of Peru.

"Adopt a Bed" at the Nancy Cole Women's Home

You can support the ministry of the Nancy Cole Women's Home through a monthly or annual commitment to the "Adopt a Bed" Project.  For $50 per month, you can support one resident (age 13-28) who is receiving shelter, spiritual training, skill training, counseling and Christian love.  These young ladies need to know that there is hope for them.

Contributions (make checks payable to NCWH) can be sent to:
Project Restoration
P.O. Box 1
Ebony, VA 23845.

Or, you can wire the money directly to Peru.  Please contact us for more information: 434-636-2808.

Some of the residents and staff members at the Nancy Cole Women's Home, March, 2011.

"We Love Peru" Celebration & Dinner - May 1

Project Restoration will host a "We Love Peru" Celebration and Dinner on Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 6:00 p.m.  This event will be held in the Fellowship Hall at Lake Gaston Christian Life Centre in Ebony, Virginia (1411 Robinson Ferry Road, one mile east of the Ebony Fire Department).
The celebration will focus on the wonderful support from area churches, businesses, individuals and groups (including Saint Paul's College SIFE Team and the Southside Combined Choir) that led to the completion of a new home for the Nancy Cole Women's Home in Lima, Peru.  You will see pictures of the ministry at the home to the desperate women and teen girls of Peru.  Various groups will present updates of the current status of this ministry and plans for the future, including a Mission's Trip from this area to Peru in August and exciting new training programs at the home.
There is no admission to this event.  Each family is asked to bring one main covered dish and one side dish/dessert.  We will provide authentic Peruvian food for you to sample.
If you need further information, contact Dale or Sheryl Baird at 434-636-2808 or access  You are encouraged to participate in this celebration event.
Host Church:
Lake Gaston Christian Life Centre
1411 Robinson Ferry Rd., P.O. Box 31
Ebony, VA 23845
(434) 636-5504   FAX (434) 636-3631
Dr. David Lively, Senior Pastor
Dale Baird, Minister of Music/Administrator


How Can You Contact Us?

Nancy Cole Women's Home
Pastor Lilliam Cossios, Director
La Victoria, Lima, Peru
011 511 330 5952

Project Restoration - Peru
Pastor Dale Baird, Director
P.O. Box 1
Ebony, VA 23845 USA

You can also contact us on our Facebook page:
Nancy Cole Women's Home

We need your continued prayer and financial support!

Staff Planning Meetings

Current staff members meet to plan for the future of the Nancy Cole Women's Home: Karen Scheelje Cossios, Eda Bravo, Carmen Bravo, Lilliana Caldas, Pastor Lilliam Cossios, and Dale Baird (Director of Project Restoration).

Residents and Staff Members

The residents and some of the staff members at the Nancy Cole Women's Home on October 24, 2010.

Transition News from Nancy Cole Women's Home

October 24, 2010

The Nancy Cole Women's Home in Lima, Peru  is alive and well.  Pastor Lilliam, who has been on a leave of absence due to health reasons, is resuming the directorship of the home on Tuesday, October 26, 2010.

We thank the transition team, headed by Dr. Nancy Tolentine and provided by Camino de Vida, for their work during the transition time.  We toured the facility today, met with the residents, and talked with them concerning the future plans for this ministry.

The home will now be under the covering of Project Restoration. The final meeting of the Camino de Vida Board will be held on October 26.  Camino de Vida will no longer provide any oversight or support for the home.   A new Board of Directors will be appointed this week and the governing policies, including the new Document of Goverance and mission statement, will be developed.  All assets of the home, including building and contents, will be trasferred to Project Restoration and will be handled by the new Board of Directors.  New intake  procedures will be developed and implemented.  The goal is to raise the number of residents to 20-25 by Christmas.

One of the significant challenges will be raising an adequate budget to operate the home.  Your prayers and support are needed so that the number of residents can be quickly increased.  There are many girls and women who need this intervention.

Several major maintenance issues will need to be addressed, including hot water access, painting, carpet replacement in the rec room, and ceiling tile replacement projects.  An itemized list will be posted.  If you can bring a team to work at the home, or if you can provide funds to assist with these projects, we will help you facilitate that process.

Pray for the following residents of the home (first name and age):
1. Elizabeth - 46
2. Wendy - 27
3. Julyssa - 27
4. Carmen - 22
5. Susy - 16
6. Aracellie - 15
7. Fiorella - 14.

We will keep you updated as new developments occur.  Plan a visit soon to the Nancy Cole Women's Home.
Contact Dale Baird, Director of Project Restoration


We Need Teams to Minister at the Home!

The residents at the Nancy Cole Women's Home are always ready to welcome visiting mission's teams to minister at the home.  We encourage you to organize a ministry team that could spend several days or a week at the home.  This allows your team to develop a spiritual bond with the girls and indicates your love for them, which expresses the love of Christ toward them.  We can suggest various ways that you could help this ministry, especially during the reorganization.  You can use your own creativity and the strengths of your team members to design practical, helpful and uplifting activities.  Interpreters can be secured to assist with communication.  Project Restoration will be glad to assist you in the planning and organizing of the trip.  If your team will be involved in other ministries while in Lima, plan to spend one day or even a few hours with the girls.  You will be a blessing and you will be blessed!  Contact us at 434-636-2808 in the US.

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